Skoda Enyaq will cost over a million, ordering will take place on Thursday

Enyaq is the first Škoda production car based on the Volkswagen Group’s modular platform for electric cars (MEB). At the same time, it is the only concern car on this platform manufactured in Europe outside Germany. The car with a length of 4.65 meters will be supplied with electric motors with power from 132 to 225 kW and rear or all-wheel drive.

The top model Enyaq RS iV accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds and the maximum speed is 180 km / h, ie 20 km / h more than in other power versions. The most powerful version can also tow a trailer weighing up to 1400 kg.

“With the introduction of the Enyaq iV, Škoda Auto is entering a new era. It is the first purely electric Škoda car based on a modular platform for electric cars, “said Chairman of the Board Thomas Schäfer.

The batteries are located in the floor of the car. The car can be recharged at home overnight using an AC charging station with an output of up to 11 kW. Depending on the capacity of the battery, charging takes six to eight hours. It also allows charging at fast DC charging stations with an output of up to 125 kW, where recharging the battery from five to 80 percent capacity takes ideally 38 minutes.

The MyŠkoda Powerpass charging card will allow charging at most charging stations in the countries of the European Union. The carmaker will also be involved in the construction of a network of Ionity fast charging stations throughout Europe.

The price of electric cars on the Czech market starts at about half a million crowns for a Škoda Citigo iV mini car. The cheapest electric cars in the SUV category, Hyundai Electric or Mazda MX30, cost approximately CZK 850,000. But they are smaller than Enyaq. Sales of electric cars in the Czech Republic currently represent less than one percent of the market. The number of new electric cars sold increased 3.2 times to 1,110 by the end of July this year. A total of about 4,000 electric cars run on Czech roads. Their greater expansion is hindered by the higher price and the lack of recharging points. There are currently over 400 active charging stations in the Czech Republic.

Purely battery electric cars in Europe are attracting subsidies. For example, the French can apply for up to 12,000 euros, which is close to half the price of cheaper models, the Dutch are entitled to 4,000 euros. Germany has recently increased its subsidies for the purchase of an electric car to twice 6,000 euros and will receive up to a further 3,000 euros from the manufacturer itself. In the Czech Republic, only purchases of electric cars for companies and organizations are subsidized, not for private individuals. Businesses can get up to about 40 percent of the price of a car. With electric cars in the Czech Republic, it is possible to park for free in the blue zones.


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