Škoda now enables the delivery of consignments directly to the trunk of a car

Thanks to the Car Access service, it is possible to have orders delivered directly to the trunk of your car. The service currently operates in pilot mode and with selected partners.

Ordering goods over the Internet is convenient and fast, but it is more complicated with picking it up and picking it up. Not everyone can offer the option to pick up a package at a branch, or branches can be out of hand. Waiting for a courier is then time-limiting for a change, and missing it means unnecessary complications for both parties.

However, the solution to this problem can be the delivery of a shipment ordered via the Internet directly to the trunk of your car, which is now also possible for Škoda. The whole service works extremely simply – instead of the classic indication of the delivery address, it is enough to provide the courier with the approximate location of the car, its brand and allow remote access via the myŠkoda application.

The carmaker itself then describes the process as follows: “For delivery, it is necessary to allow the courier of the selected delivery service to determine the position of the car via the “Access to car” function, unlock the car and place the purchased goods in the luggage compartment.“The whole process is carefree and, most importantly, safe.

During the handover, the owner of the car and the courier do not have to communicate in any way. The courier locates the car only through the application on his phone, which he can then unlock only once and only in the selected time window. The courier then leaves the car only when it is reliably locked. The customer can monitor delivery information via the myŠkoda application

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Alza.cz, Zásilkovna and DoDo joined the project in its beginnings, but the number of partners should gradually grow. The procedure for ordering the delivery of a consignment directly to the car then differs between the individual service partners:

In the case of Alza.cz, it is first necessary to link the Škoda Connect account with the Alza account. Subsequently, the customer orders from the partner in the standard way and chooses “delivery to the car” as the delivery method. When choosing delivery in the Mail Order, the customer must first order the shipment to his home address and then he can forward it to the car using the e-mail he receives from the Mail Order. The mailroom also allows you to deliver orders from the Škoda e-shop to your car. When using DoDo’s services, the customer will state when ordering that he wants to deliver his shipment to the car. He thus confirms each shipment separately.

As part of the current pilot program, which will probably run until the end of the year, delivery to the trunk is only possible in Prague. However, after the end of the pilot program and ensuring trouble-free functionality, the expansion of this service to more cities is expected both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


The Car Access service is available for almost all Škoda cars manufactured since January 2019 and equipped with the Care Connect: Remote Access package. The only exceptions so far are the Enyaq iV, Kamiq and Scala cars, for which the service will be available later. As part of the package, it is also necessary for the customer to have the “Remote car locking / unlocking” function activated.

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Thanks to the Access to the Car solution, the Škoda car will provide its owner with a quality service even when it is only parked and would not normally provide its owner with any added value. With this service, we expand our range of mobility solutions and offer customers time savings, convenience and, in many respects, make their daily lives easier. For example, we allow them to use the delivery of shipments while they are working, thus eliminating the time they would otherwise spend waiting for a courier. Only the courier of the selected delivery service has access to the required vehicle data and the delivery of the consignment also takes place without contact, which is undoubtedly an undeniable advantage these days,”Adds Martin Jahn, member of the sales and marketing board, to the new service.


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