Skvernelis on Kaliningrad transit: Lithuania certainly had another choice

S. Skvernelis said in the Seimas on Tuesday that the opposition is preparing questions for the Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonyte. And he said that the situation could be described as a “national performance”.

“It simply came to our notice then. Simply put, the main idea is that those who question whether Lithuania’s security is fully taken care of or whether Lithuania’s interests are represented are working with the Kremlin. That is the leitmotif, there is a very easy answer, ”the politician ironized.

Asked whether he agreed with the statement that Lithuania had no choice but to restrict transit, the opposition spokesman S. Skvernelis assured that the country had a choice.

“No, Lithuania had a choice. He had a different choice before making decisions. But chose that path. (…) In each case where sanction packages are considered, states anticipate certain threats that may be, how they may be used, in response to sanctions. It was Lithuania that had to appreciate it. Maybe appreciated, we are a brave country. And we made such a decision, “said the politician.

Member of the Seimas S. Skvernelis told the media that he did not say that Lithuania needed to request an exemption.

“It simply came to our notice then. And maybe make different decisions. Now, legally, what has been done is in line with EU law, European Commission decisions “, assured the parliamentarian.

He said there was no need to change anything at the moment.

“We have heard the reasons for the decisions. In my mind, the sanctions that are being applied, they must be effective, must have a significant impact on the state to which they are applied.

Is what is being restricted today – transit from Russian territory to Russian territory via the Kaliningrad corridor, or are these painful sanctions? Were they worth the reaction? ”S. Skvernelis said.

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He added that in a closed session, members of the Seimas were presented with possible Russian reactions.

“It has shown us what reactions (Russian, aut. P.) Could be, this is not public content, I really can’t reveal it,” he said.

Asked if Russia was engaging only in empty intimidation, Skvernell said no.

“It simply came to our notice then. And what the actions will be will show the future, “said the member of the Seimas.

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