Skype Unveils New Design and Features

Skype, Microsoft’s video chat app, is getting a complete visual overhaul, along with some major performance improvements.

Fans of the video chat app Skype should rejoice. The service is working on a significant rework of the entire application. Skype reports this in a blogpost. In the post, they discuss the new visual appearance of the app, along with all the novelties we can expect in terms of functions and performance. An exact release date has not yet been announced, but we should expect the upgrade later this year.

For starters, the conversation screen gets a new look. A dark theme would also be available. In addition, all participants will also be visible on the conversation field. This way your own webcam is not minimized, but it will now also take up a full frame. Users who have not turned on their webcam will also be visible here as a full participant. They will also be able to use a replacement image as an avatar, instead of a gray and blank background.

Credit: Skype

In addition, Skype also comes with a whole host of customizable features. For example, you can choose your own color theme per chat, which should help you keep different conversations apart. You will also be able to add an emoji and name per conversation, giving them their own character.

Credit: Skype


Skype also introduces the Meet Now feature. This allows you to be part of a conversation without having to log in. With a simple push of a button you can participate as a guest. In addition, Skype will now be available on any browser.

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In addition to the visual adjustment, the service also works on its performance. According to Skype, the app “would perform 30 percent better on desktop in key scenarios, and up to 2,000 percent better on Android.”

Skype also brings Office Lens to its camera function, making it easy to capture images or scan documents for conversations. Thanks to the new TwinCam feature, you will also be able to link video images from a second device to your conversation. So two video images appear in your camera block, which can be useful in some cases if you have something to show.

Credit: Skype

Return of Skype?

To some, the full rework may come as a minor surprise. With the arrival of Windows 11, it was actually expected that the communication app would gradually would be on its last legs. The service was increasingly pushed to the background and made more room for Teams. It is already interesting to see that Skype has not yet thrown in the towel.

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