Slack officially launches canvas, a tool that allows you to keep all the important information in one place

In September of last year, the business communication platform “Slack” presented a new tool “canvas”, which will allow teams to store, organize and share the necessary resources in one place. After more than half a year, the feature has finally reached users.

Slack says canvases are an efficient way to organize and access the resources you need that would otherwise be scattered throughout the Slack workspace. canvas lets you keep apps, files, links, people, videos, photos, text, to-do lists, and even in-app features like service requests in one place. In this way, the teams will be able to better track the tasks to be done, delegate them, more easily share the necessary resources, as well as enter the new colleague into the work duties.

Canvas also provides the ability to add comments, view change history, and limit sharing to specific people. This tool is to some extent an improvement on the already existing features of “Slack”, which allow you to save (bookmarks) and pin records (pin), thus allowing you to find the document or note you need faster. But since canvas is a more comprehensive tool, Slack may eventually remove these features.

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