Slavia did not win “only” 21, but 31 or even 37 titles, it just wants a review of statistics. In the season m


The 21st official title, otherwise the thirty-first or even the thirty-seventh title, was won on Sunday by the undefeated Prague Slavia on a completely deserved basis this year. She celebrated it with a concert in Eden for two thousand spectators in a duel with the now completely provincial and only slightly above average team from Pilsen (5: 1). However, the third title in a row for Trpišovský’s team was decided half an hour before the kick-off, when Sparta only drew 2: 2 in Liberec (where she even lost 0: 2). This season, the red and whites have three big goals: 1. to win the Czech Cup / MOL Cup, 2. to maintain the invincibility in the league year 2020/2021 and 3. to get the King of Shooters crown (Kuchta or Stanciu) for their player.

“It was not an easy situation when in Eden, twenty minutes before the match, everyone jumped and then had to concentrate on the game. But it fell off the players on the field, we took it to the right end and instead of celebrations we showed quality events, “ said the coach of old-new champions Jindřich Trpišovský after the match with Viktoria Plzeň.

I’m very happy, but I probably don’t fully realize how exceptional this thing is in Czech conditions. What I appreciate most is that the key players who are now playing in the Premier League are leaving. They have always been leaders and one winter it was three captains, but we always dealt with it. “ added Trpišovský.

Tvrdík set better conditions in the team than Křetínský

Slavia has won the league four times in the last five years (2017 to 2021) (for the first time in 2017 with today’s national team coach Jaroslav Šilhavý), which is already a decent dominance. This is despite the fact that such players as Pavlenka, Barák, Milan Škoda, Hušbauer, Ngadeu, Deli (he has now returned to guest appearances in the spring), Zmrhal, Stoch, Král, Souček, Coufal, gradually left Eden. After Souček’s departure, Slavia groped for a while at the beginning of 2020, but then started again after a coronavirus pause.

Jaroslav Tvrdík did not make the same mistake as Daniel Křetínský, who some time ago opened too much of the margin cuts between foreign and Czech players. While the locally rewarded Slavists began to work on the local conditions as furious, some domestic undervalued Spartans lost their motivation for Letná (the case of Martin Hašek, but also others, be proof).

“We have the strongest team in recent years. Since I discovered Slavia five years ago in January 2016, competition has increased greatly. That is why we want to continue and collect further success now. ” said despite the aforementioned departures on Sunday evening during the celebrations of the twenty-first title of team captain Jan Bořil, whom Slavia moved to the Czech national team.

“We would like to advance to the Champions League. Or succeed in the European League, in which we would like to get as far as possible again, But first there is the home cup. We want to go to the finals, we want to win it, we want a double. And we will do everything for it. “ Bořil added determinedly.

Winning the Czech Cup is the most difficult current goal

Winning the third Czech Cup in the last four years (so far 2018 and 2019) is probably the most difficult task for Slavists in the rest of the season. Because the red and white semifinals are already waiting for Sparta on Wednesday, May 5 (5.30 pm, ČT Sport) and a possible final would be played in Pilsen (Thursday, May 20, 5 pm, ČT Sport). The current Viktoria Plzeň is, as we have already mentioned, at this time only a slightly above-average team, but since it does not look very good in the league, it will have great motivation in the domestic final.

And since the post-Brod influences and structures still predominate in the jury, “some dry bastard for political reasons” cannot be ruled out in the final for the one who needs the cup win the most.

However, as has already been said, even before that, the Slavists will start the difficult semifinals at Letná. Although the Spartans did not show much in Liberec, they also have a great motivation for Slavia finally after beat for five long years. It will depend a lot on how the championship celebrated in Eden.

Two years ago we also (after a draw 0: 0) we celebrated the title in Ostrava and in three days we defeated Baník in the final of the cup (2: 0 in Olomouc), ” reminded Jindřich Trpišovský. We will see how he manages to do this with his charges this year in the case of the semifinals in Sparta.

Eighteen winners have not been announced

As for the titles, we stated here last year that a total of eighteen, in some cases perhaps twenty-four, have not been announced in history at all. It would just like a thorough review of statistics and a new approach. It must be acknowledged that at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the best Czech football teams appeared only in Prague, so their championships were basically a duel of the best teams in the country.

When we add it up, a total of eighteen titles are missing:

  • Slavia lacks a total of ten titles (Spring 1897, Autumn 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1915, 1918, 1924, Autumn 1948).
  • Sparta lacks a total of four titles (1909, 1920, 1921, 1923).
  • DFC Prague lacks two titles (Autumn 1896, 1917).
  • CFK Kickers Prague is missing one title (Spring 1896).
  • ČAFC Vinohrady is missing one title (1902).

In that case, Sparta Prague would have a total of 40 titles (36 + 4), Slavia Prague 31 titles (21 + 10), Dukla Prague 11, Viktoria Plzen 5, Banik Ostrava 4, Slovan Liberec 3, DFC Prague 2 (0 + 2), Viktoria Žižkov, FC Hradec Králové, Zbrojovka Brno, Bohemians Prague, FC Vítkovice, ČFK Kickers Prague (0 + 1) and ČAFC Vinohrady (0 + 1) after 1.

If we added Slavia six “firsts” (1903 to 1908) for the so-called Czech extra class officially declared by the CSF in 1903, it would even have 37 (21 + 10 + 6), only three less than Sparta.

Willow is a bad mathematician, Sparta has second place in his hands

But back to the present and to Sparta. If Plšek from Liberec (will he finish in Eden in the summer?) Changed his third solo at 2: 0, the Letenské team would probably not get a point under Ještěd.

“In the first fifteen minutes, we had, similarly to Pardubice, two or three good situations. If we took the lead, the match would probably have turned out differently. On the other hand, let’s admit that Liberec led 2: 0, it had another 100% opportunity at 3: 0. Then it would probably be after the match, “ the Spartan coach Pavel Vrba also admitted.

“The situation is complicated after our 2: 2 draw. We want to play for the second place, which means qualification for the Champions League. It must be Sparta’s job to fight for her. We have a few more rounds to do so and we want to score as many points as possible. Let’s hope that Jablonec loses some more points and we catch up with it, “ coach Pavel Vrba wished in an interview for the club website.

Pavel Vrba has never been particularly proficient in football mathematics. So let’s calm him down by stating that Sparta, thanks to its rapid settlement of the situation in Liberec within one minute, has the situation exclusively in its hands. The second Jablonec now owns three points more, but Sparta is still playing a postponed home match with Pilsen (Wednesday, May 12, 6.00 pm, O2 TV Sport). He has a balanced mutual balance with Jablonec (2: 1, 0: 1), but the overall score is now five goals better than Severočes. So Sparta does not need any Jablonec losses, it only needs its own winnings.

There is nothing wrong with that, but I don’t understand that some coaches can’t calculate these simple basic things on their own.

Křetínský changes plans due to the coronovirus in Letná

And one more interesting report from Letná.

“The decline of tourism has forced billionaire Daniel Křetínský to recall construction machinery from the construction site of a five-star hotel next to the football stadium in Letná. The investor is now changing the look of the project, ” writes a Message List.

“For almost two years, there has been a huge construction pit between the Sparta football stadium and the mouth of the Blanka tunnel complex in Prague’s Letná. However, the excavators left the construction site and the new construction machines did not arrive. Billionaire Daniel Křetínský is deciding what to expect from the project of a luxury hotel in a new market situation. Last year, the real estate part of the Křetín Group described the hotel investment in billions of crowns as its key project. The changes under consideration mainly concern the interiors of the building, ” explains the Message List.

So instead of a hotel other facilities? And can it have anything to do with a football stadium?

Zbrojovka must get five points more Teplice

As far as the football hole is concerned, it is a question of which three teams will “hum” into the second league, ie the FNL. So far, it still looks like the three-leaf clover Opava (16 points), Příbram (20) and Zbrojovka Brno (22). Especially when Opava only drew at home (1: 1) with Bohemians and Příbram u Litavky even lost to České Budějovice (0: 1), which after eleven long matches finally figured out what it’s like to win.

Zbrojovka Brno kept a valuable draw in Ostrava (1: 1) with a four-point deficit on the fifteenth Teplice (26), but only thanks to the fact that the North Bohemians drew 0: 0 at home with the fourteenth and in the spring traditionally desperate Zlín (30).

However, Zbrojovka and Teplice are losing five points due to a worse mutual balance (0: 1, 0: 0) and in the remaining four matches only twelve points are played. So Brno has a very difficult time. And instead of Brno’s Líšeň, it will probably advance to the first league in Hradec Králové …


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