Slightly Mad changes the design of his Mad Box console


Although the imminent future of the consoles and their vitality seem uncertain at the moment, the Studios Slightly Mad, known for CARS project, surprising both locals and strangers revealing their intention to enter that sector by presenting the Mad Box, console that boasts its capabilities and, according to the company, will be the most powerful ever created. However, after seeing the design proposals, the players were not happy and the critics did not wait, but the answer was immediate and recently the new design of the console was presented.

Through a publication in his official Twitter account, Ian Bell, CEO of Slightly Mad, presented the new design of the Mad Box console after responding to the criticism and suggestions of the community. Bell's new proposal shows a piece of hardware with a mixture of black and blue, as well as a smaller design, but without neglecting the futuristic touches. In addition, on the front side there will be a screen that will indicate to the user what he is playing, be it a video game, a song or a series on a distribution platform, an action that will modify the colors and the design displayed on the front panel of the console.

Another advantage that Slightly Mad has highlighted the new design of the Mad Box is its ability to be positioned vertically or even to be mounted on a wall. In this sense, the proposal is that, regardless of the position in which it is placed, it is pleasing to the eye.

What do you think of the new Mad Box design?

Tell us in the comments and remember that in this link you will find everything related to the next Slightly Mad console.

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