Slob: no national consequences after corona at school • Millions of students in Wuhan again

If a corona outbreak occurs in a school, it will not affect the entire education, says Minister of Education Slob. “If extra measures are needed in places, this must be done at school level, locally or regionally,” he says in an interview with the AD. “The GGD and the safety region can then intervene and close a school or several schools in a city, municipality or region. So not that if something is going on in Amsterdam, schools in Groningen must also close.”

Today the school holidays are over in all regions. “It has been more than five months since all the schools were fully open,” says Slob. “Very nice that it is possible again, although of course we have to be alert and there will continue to be concerns.”

About schools that oblige their students to wear a face mask, the minister says: “They have the space to do that. There is no national obligation. We have received advice and it shows that face masks do not really have added value. so not necessary. We base our choices on the OMT. “

Before 1 October, Slob expects to have clarity about the air quality in schools and how to prevent corona infections due to poor ventilation.

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