Slováčková’s deep scars: SHOPS OVER THE BED?

I know Slováčková so no one is caressing! In the show Woman in Zen, she talked about the biggest wrongs. He’s supposed to have complexes so far!

Anička Slováčková after cancer: I’m coughing up life now!

Apart from the fact that Anička heard a lot of inappropriate allusions to her body, from which she also caused health problems, the bad tongues also made her into the role of a “dispenser”. “I’ve often heard about myself sleeping with directors and producers, which gives me roles, and I only had one relationship in the theater.” Anna complained in the show and added that when this song was played, it started to be claimed that my mother was sleeping with the directors Dad Patrasová.

She also admitted that some of the scars are really deep and has not dealt with everything yet. “When I meet the flocks, I often want to vomit, I feel physically ill, I start knocking. I will probably always be sensitive. ” she said.

It is said that he can work better with such information today. “I can rationalize and let it go. If someone tells you thirty times a week that you are an ugly cow, it will not throw you off for the 31st time. You can’t just show you’re scared. “

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