Slovak games last year achieved a record turnover

The Slovak Association of Gaming Developers (SGDA) offers a detailed overview of the state of the gaming industry in Slovakia, and if you are a fan of Slovak games, you should see these. The Slovak gaming industry continues to grow and has even set new records. Last year, there were 63 active companies in Slovakia, which released a total of 26 games, with 147 projects being co-developed.

Overall, last year the Slovak gaming companies produced a record turnover of 72.2 million euros, which is a jump compared to the previous year and it seems that growth will continue, as SGDA includes this turnover of almost 85 million euros. Of the total turnover for 2020, the turnover accounted for the top 10% of the company and 62.2 million euros. It is probably not surprising for many that according to the turnover, the Pixel Federation is in the lead, but in the top ten we also find Studio 727, which does not make its own games, but works on assets, for example for Call of Duty and AAA games.

Vina, a 52% gaming company in Slovakia, works in the Bratislava region, but Koice is still doing well. Traditionally, the game development game is the least represented in the middle of Slovakia. The company is also to blame, and 70%, centered on their own development. Mono a slight surprise for vs will be, ea 40% company m 5 years and less.

Herbal companies in Slovakia employed 870 professionals last year, of which 537 were top 10% companies. Only one company in Slovakia has more than 200 employees, and it’s probably not for everyone that I guess it’s Pixel Federation. The blame is now broken from the sweat of the developers, even for example Games Farm, which brings the relative age of the game. The development in a one-year company was started and ten people. 9% of employees come from abroad and over 16% of employees are women. Most are graphic designers and programmers, but the first programmers are the busiest.


However, as far as the platforms themselves are concerned, Slovak developers still prefer PCs, followed by mobile platforms. I’m interested in the VR platform. Most of the projects are financed from their own resources, but there is also support from grants and only a small percentage of local developers rely on foreign publishers.

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Also interesting is the view of the pandmic and its impact on the financial situation, where 20% of respondents even think that their pandmic had a positive effect and according to 1% it was very positive. According to 33%, their productivity decreased during the pandmic, according to 17% it was sharp.

Detailnejie tatistiky njdete v priloench infografikch.



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