The cause of the deportation has not yet been officially announced, but Markíza television identified the three Russian diplomats as agents and indicated that it was espionage. According to information from the Slovak intelligence services, the activities of the three diplomats were in conflict with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

According to Markíza television, the decision to expel Russian diplomats was made last week. “I cannot name the staff of the Russian diplomatic mission. At the same time, however, I confirm that a decision was taken to expel three employees of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Slovakia, “Juraj Tomaga, a spokesman for the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told television.

Former head of Slovak diplomacy Eduard Kukan says that up to three Russian diplomats have never been expelled from Slovakia. “It’s really such a decisive gesture,” Kukan said. The ex-head of Slovak diplomacy suggested that it may have been an attempt by Russian diplomats to obtain information from journalists for bribes or intimidation. “It doesn’t have to be classic espionage,” Kukan added.

The Russian embassy did not respond to questions from Markíza TV.

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