Slovakia, the second nation of NATO, has sent four fighter jets to help Ukraine.

On March 24, 2023, foreign news agencies progress report Russo-Ukrainian War That lasted until the 393rd that the Mig-29 fighter aircraft (Mig-29) of the former Soviet Union of Slovakia, number 4 aircraft, had soared from Slovakia heading to Ukraine. To be used in the fight against Russian invaders. After President Vladimir Putin launched a war in Ukraine from February 24, 2022

Ukrainian air force pilot Has served to drive 4 MiG-29 fighter aircraft out of Slovakia. On Thursday, March 23, local time heading to Ukraine While the Slovak Defense Ministry said Nine more fighter jets will be delivered to Ukraine in the coming weeks.

Last Friday (March 17, 2023), the Slovak government approved a plan to send up to 13 MiG-29 fighter jets to the Ukrainian Air Force, making Slovakia become It is the second nation to become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), after Poland. that sent fighter jets to help Ukraine prevent aggression from Russia.

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