Slovaks are still among the biggest beer drinkers: Lidl has prepared a special promotion for them

Beer is still very popular in Slovakia, and that is why we are among the TOP 10 biggest consumers in Europe. Do you know how much golden juice is drunk on average in our country, or that even beer has its own international day?

The first Friday of August is a beer holiday

Beer (English), Bier (German), cerveza (Spanish) or øl (Danish) – these are translations of the word beer in different languages. Although everyone has a different taste, it is known all over the world. In 2007, entrepreneur and beer enthusiast Jesse Avshalomov founded International Beer Day with friends from Santa Cruz, California. It is always celebrated on the first Friday of August. However, you can indulge in beer whenever you feel like it.

Each Slovak drinks approximately 120 large beers per year, at least in 30 years

According to data from 2020, Slovakia ranked 10th in Europe in beer consumption per capita. At the head are the biggest beer drinkers in the world – the Czechs. They drink approximately 135 liters, followed by Austria with 100 liters and Germany with 95 liters. In the case of Slovaks, it amounted to 60.2 liters of beer, which is roughly 120 large beers. However, it is at least in the last 30 years. By the way, the year 1990 was a record year, in Slovakia at that time each resident drank an average of less than 96 liters of beer per year. Mediterranean countries have the lowest consumption. The French drank 33 liters per person, the Italians 31 and the Greeks 28 liters.

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More than 161 million liters were produced in Slovakia

The paradox is that most beer from Slovakia went to the neighboring Czech Republic – however, the overwhelming majority was non-alcoholic beer, up to 88%. Slovak breweries, which had more than 20 employees, produced and sold more than 161 million liters of alcoholic beer last year, as well as 6 million liters of non-alcoholic beer. In 2020, the largest producers of beer within the EU were Germany, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands.

Try beers from craft breweries

In addition to large breweries and well-known brands, such as Zlatý Bažant, Urpiner, Šariš, Kozel, Gambrinus and Staropramen, many beers from regional craft breweries are also available in Slovakia. One of them is Kaltenecker from Rožňava, which quickly became the most awarded Slovak brewery. This also includes the Carpathians from Hrnčiaroviec nad Parnou near Trnava. The consumption of our national treasure is decreasing, and that’s why it wants to Lidl to help this segment. Now he has prepared a special offer for customers – they will be able to buy up to 29 selected beers from different brands in the sale. This includes beers from these two craft breweries, which we personally tried.

Tasting of Kaltenecker and Karpat beers:

Yakima (13°) – semi-dark, extra bitter yeast beer with the aroma of citrus fruits. It is a top-fermented beer that is cold-hopped with hops from the Yakima Valley in Washington state. Throw away your preconceptions, it’s definitely worth a try.

Dark lager Brocade (13°) – this is one of the most prized beers in the Kaltenecker portfolio. You will be surprised by the taste combination that brings together coffee and dark chocolate. Unlike most dark beers, it is not sweet and stands out for its balanced bitterness and mild malt taste.

Fiesta (12°) – a top-fermented beer that appeals to you with its golden yellow color and citrus aroma. It is composed of special Pale Ale malt and American hops. You too will feel the taste of lemon, tangerine and tropical fruit in it.

Weizen wheat beer (12°) – if you like cloudy and sour beer, this is the ideal type for you. The pleasant taste of lemons is complemented by nutmeg, vanilla and banana. A less traditional beer for a Slovak, but one that will win your favor.

Unfiltered pale lager Kaltenecker 11° – the combination of barley and special caramel malt will enchant you from the first sip. It is hopped with two types of aromatic and bitter hops. Fans of honest bitterness will get their money’s worth!

Summer ALE Zero – even non-alcoholic beer can taste great. If you want to treat yourself to a golden drink without alcohol, try this type, which will be really hard to distinguish from classic beer.

Apache IPA (14,5°) – the abbreviation IPA stands for India Pale Ale and is a hoppy style of beer. This kind of semi-dark beer hides Chinook and Citra hops, so you can discover a true American taste, where you will be surprised by a pleasant citrus flavor.

Summer ALE California (11°) – a light, refreshing beer that quickly quenches your thirst and is suitable for any occasion. It stands out especially with its hop-citrus undertone, which is definitely suitable for the summer season.

Which will you choose?

Are you a traditional beer drinker or just want to try interesting beer brands? In Lidl from Thursday, August 18, more than 29 types of beers will be on sale, with up to 10 of them being beers from Slovak craft breweries Karpat and Kaltenecker. In addition, many other beers are prepared for you. It’s up to you which wins your favor.

Advertorial prepared in cooperation with Lidl.

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