Health Smart toilet recognizes users by the anal impression

Smart toilet recognizes users by the anal impression

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Stanford University’s smart toilet warns the user of illnesses and uses the anal print to identify them.

Standford University researchers have developed a smart toilet that is able to use the faeces and urine to detect diseases early and to warn the user accordingly. In addition, the smart toilet uses a secure way to secure and transmit user data, such as

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                                             from Stanford University. The results of the study were too

                                                                                                                                        here at Nature

The researchers emphasize that their toilet is not only intelligent because it automatically lifts the toilet lid when the user approaches. Rather, the experimental toilet contains the latest technology and sensors that can detect a variety of diseases in the stool and urine, including some types of cancer. This makes the device particularly interesting for people “who are genetically predisposed to certain diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, prostate cancer or kidney failure”.

Various cameras and motion sensors are located inside the toilet, which are used to measure the urine stream and the amount of urine and to analyze the quality of the faeces. Specially developed algorithms are used. In addition, there is a urine analysis function with which, for example, the number of white blood cells and the protein content can be determined. Various types of cancer, kidney dysfunction or cystitis are then identified from these data.

Smart toilet recognizes users via finger or anal prints

The pilot study involved 21 participants who were allowed to use the smart toilet for several months. According to the researchers, the recognition of the user is possible either via their fingerprint or their “fecal imprint”. One of the researchers explains: “We know that it sounds strange, but it turns out that your anal print is unique.”

The researchers concede that the opposite of facial recognition is performed via the camera inside the toilet. Ultimately, however, they explain: “To take full advantage of the intelligent toilet, users have to make their peace with a camera that scans their anus.”

Accordingly, attention was paid to data security. Initially, only the user has access to the analysis data via an app with appropriate security measures. If the data has to be transmitted to a doctor for further diagnoses, then this is done exclusively via a secure cloud-based system, in which all information about which a person could be identified is removed. All rules applicable to the protection of patient data would also be observed.

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