“Smart watch can predict corona,” says Nijmegen professor

While all kinds of experts are now working on developing a corona app, a Nijmegen professor will start research on Tuesday to detect corona early with a smart watch. Professor Bas Bloem of Radboud University in Nijmegen has been conducting research on PwPs with a smart watch for three years. He is now also using this for corona research.

The watch does not look futuristic; rather classic. With time clearly in view. But neurologist and professor Bas Bloem has high expectations of it. “This watch measures movements, sleep, heart rate, but also, for example, the skin resistance of the wearer.”

Photo: Omroep Gelderland

Corona, SARS or ebola

“We know that if you have a fever or a fever, you will sweat more. As a result, this watch registers before you even realize that you have an infection. And the great thing is: it doesn’t matter if the watch is corona or SARS or ebola. So if this turns out to work, we are ready for the next pandemic. “

I expect this watch to signal Corona, Sars or Ebola early

Professor Bas Bloem

Five hundred patients with Parkinson’s that he is researching have been wearing this watch for three years to see if it can provide more insight into Parkinson’s. Bloem expects that it can also provide insight into other diseases. ‘I received permission to expand this study in three days. So I can start right away. And that starts with questions to those 500 PwPs whether they want to participate in this study. ‘

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Nijmegen professor Bas Bloem is an authority in the field of research into Parkinson’s. Photo: Omroep Gelderland.

One of Bloem’s patients is Guus Hendriksen from Veenendaal. He would like to participate. “It is a nice and nice watch and I only have to put it in its charging station once a day. Then all data will be sent automatically. ‘

Weird things

He is not afraid of his privacy. “I know that the data is super encrypted and that it doesn’t do weird things with it. And I hope that, in combination with an app, it can give a timely signal that something is wrong with you and that you need to see your doctor. ”

Guus Hendriksen is doing the research to see if this watch can detect corona. Photo: Omroep Gelderland.

The latter remains necessary, says Professor Bloem. “The watch doesn’t tell you what infection you have. But may be much more likely to warn that you have some and should be quarantined to protect your environment. We are now seeing the importance of quickly knowing that you have been infected with the corona epidemic. ”


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