Smart: With this trick, a Briton ignores Ryanair's baggage policies


Manchester –

Only a handbag, a laptop bag or a small backpack can carry passengers from early November on a Ryanair flight at no additional cost in the cabin. The permitted hand baggage must not exceed 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm.

Ryanair's frequent flyer, Lee Cimino, takes the new policy on hand baggage, with which Ryanair claims to reduce flight delays, completely disgruntled. The young Englishman successfully deceived the Irish airline, the British Independent. He planned a short trip on his birthday and booked a flight for November 3 from Manchester to Belfast. Cimino did not read the new regulations until after the booking and could not believe that he would not be able to take a cart on board at no additional cost in the future.

Ryanair frequent flyer brings the new rule of hand baggage too far

The thirty-year-old from Staffordshire did not want to settle for that. "I love Ryanair," he says in a video posted on Facebook. "They flew everywhere". But the new regulation goes too far. "I was really upset, but I had an idea."

Cimino had undergone his old coat redesigned by a tailor: in a way that would fit all his luggage in the pockets of his coat. Extra pockets, toilet bags and even old zippered boxers have been incorporated into the old beige coat to create more storage space. Anything that you would normally have brought with you in a small trolley suitcase should fit your coat.

Cimino manages the coat in the plane without problems

In the video of Cimino on Facebook you can also see him put some shoes in the lining of the coat. "It will never work," he explains laughing in the video as he searches for the bulky coat. But when he arrives at the Machester airport early in the morning of 3 November, the Staffordshire 30-year-old passes the security checkpoint without difficulty.

"I just put the coat in one of the bowls on the ribbon," says Cimino to the Independent. "This cost me a bit of nerves, but I went to the gate and managed to get on the plane without problems." With a triumphant look, he puts himself at ease in the Ryanair plane, as can be seen in the video. On board: the cumbersome coat with its complete baggage.

Overall, the conversion of the coat between 25 and 30 pounds, which cost between about 29 and 34 euros, said Cimino the independent. However, to take another hand baggage, such as a trolley, on board, he would have to pay only £ 6 at the time of booking or later £ 8 (about € 7 or € 9). But Cimino wants to wear his coat on other Ryanair flights – and then the makeover would actually pay off. Other passengers, he would recommend his trick.

Ryanair does not believe the idea of ​​the British

According to Ryanair, however, such agreements are not necessary at all. A spokesperson told the British newspaper: "Thanks to our increased baggage allowance (40 percent larger) and the cheaper check-in option (£ 8 for 10kg, Editor's note: 8 euros in Germany) Ryanair customers can bring everything they need without having to look at the plane like Michelin or Joey from Friends. "(RER)



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