Smart’s new electric car has leaked to the public. It is a stylish car with a slanted roof

The revival of the purely electric Smart brand continues with expansion into other segments. You can view the leaked model #3 in the gallery.

The Smart car company no longer belongs only to the wings of Mercedes, since recently the Chinese Geely also holds half of the shares. Together, they want to carry out a renaissance of the brand in such a way that it rises to higher automotive segments and is a successful electric competitor of established brands.

The first joint project on Chinese technical bases became the Smart #1 model. Compared to its predecessors from recent years, it has grown considerably, because the brand no longer wants to focus on small urban zooms. One is the size of a compact hatchback. The next electric car in the range is to be the Smart #3, several images of which have already leaked from the patent office.

We can notice that the design is based on the hatchback. However, the three-wheeler has a modified front and rear bumper, slightly revised headlights and a fastback-style slanted roof silhouette. So it looks a bit more edgy than its original sibling. The dimensions of the car remain a secret for now, but we assume that it will be a direct competitor, for example Tesla Model 3.

Our colleague and graphic artist Honza Lušovský did not hesitate to create a fairly accurate vision of what the new trio will probably look like based on the leaked images. Smart has completely abandoned the philosophy of minicars and is trying to break through in categories where uncompromising competition awaits it. What do you think, does it have a chance of success?

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