Smic, family allowances, Livret A, unemployment, RSA, APL, pensions: the 2022 schedule of upgrades

If several services are reviewed on 1is January, others traditionally have to wait a few more months. Family allowances are thus revalued in April, unemployment in July, Agirc-Arrco pensions in November, etc.

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Several revaluations have already entered into force on the first day of the year. This is the case of the minimum wage, which went from 10.48 euros to 10.57 euros gross / hour, an increase of 0.9%. As for the former minimum old age (solidarity allowance for the elderly, ASPA) and basic pensions, they were increased by 1.1%, except the basic pensions of lawyers, raised by 1%.

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1is January is also the date of annual indexation in many supplementary pension schemes, for example those of artisans and traders and non-tenured civil servants (+ 1.1%), that of doctors (+ 0.50% ) and that of lawyers (+ 1%).

The daily allowance that can be paid in the event of caregiver leave (AJPA) has for its part been raised, to 1is January, at 58.59 euros per day for all, against previously 52.13 euros for a single person and 48.87 euros for a person living as a couple; its amount now corresponds to the net daily minimum wage (whereas it previously depended on the monthly basis for calculating family allowances).

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It has been ten and a half years since the remuneration of the Livret A has not increased, the last increase, from 2% to 2.25%, dating back to August 2011. Subsequently, it did not stop crumbling, until it reached its record low of 0.50% in February 2020. It has since stagnated at this level. However, the situation must change in February: inflation obliges, the Livret A should see its rate gain a few tenths of percentage points.

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If the government has confirmed the increase, he has not yet communicated his level. But a boost is not “Not considered”, Prime Minister Jean Castex said on January 6 on BFM-TV. The formula, which takes into account both the inflation of the last six months and the short-term rates (half-yearly average of the € STR, or Ester [euro short-term rate]), should therefore be applied to the letter and the new rate should be around 0.80%. Much less than inflation then.

Many amounts are revalued every 1is April: family benefits (for example family allowances, free choice of childcare, birth bonus), active solidarity income (RSA), disabled adult allowance (AAH), solidarity allowance specific (for unemployed at the end of their entitlement), activity bonus, invalidity pensions, etc. All must be revised according to inflation (more precisely the average change over the last twelve months of the monthly price indices excluding tobacco published by INSEE the penultimate month preceding the revaluation).

The Unédic board of directors, made up of social partners, generally meets at the end of June to decide on the increases in unemployment benefits applicable to the 1is July. In 2021, the rate was 0% to 0.6%, depending on the beneficiaries.

This is the 1is October that the various housing aids are increased – personalized housing assistance (APL), family housing allowance (ALF) and social housing allowance (ALS).

While the amounts had been frozen in 2018, then the increase had been capped at 0.3% in 2019 and 2020, the government had decided, for 2021, to apply again the normal revaluation formula, based on the change in the benchmark rental index (IRL). This had resulted in an increase of 0.42%. This method is to be applied again in 2022.

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This would take into account the IRI for the second quarter of 2022, which must be published by INSEE in July. This IRL corresponds to the average, over the last twelve months, of the evolution of consumer prices excluding tobacco and excluding rents.

Finally, for the supplementary pensions of former private sector employees, Agirc-Arrco pensions, the annual indexation date is 1is November. It will be up to the plan’s board of directors to set the rate a few weeks before maturity. In November 2021, the increase was 1%.

How will the rate be determined? For the time being, the modalities of revaluation which must apply in 2022 were decided in the summer of 2021 by the social partners who co-pilot Agirc-Arrco: pensions must increase like inflation, but there is a margin of maneuver of 0.5 point.

In short: they could be relieved of “Inflation minus 0.5 point”. This margin was decided on because of the financial effects of the health crisis on the scheme’s accounts, in order to maintain reserve levels deemed sufficient by the managers of Agirc-Arrco.

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Note that the inflation figure that must be taken into account is the latest forecast for the evolution of the consumer price index, excluding tobacco, for the year 2022, communicated by INSEE, as an annual average. And that exceptions to this calculation are foreseen, for example if the inflation was higher than the wage increase.

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