Smoke from the fires in Canada reaches the sky over Madrid

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The smoke from the fires that are ravaging Canada has already affected several cities in the United States and is now reaching Europe, arriving this Tuesday in Spain from Galicia to Madrid, leaving a sky veiled by suspended particles.

It first entered through Galicia, after traveling thousands of kilometers in the upper layers of the atmosphere, although it only generates a slight reduction in visibility without affecting air qualityas explained to Efe Carlos Otero, MeteoGalicia meteorologist.

According to MeteoGalicia, the concentration in the rest of Spain will be less than in Galicia, this Wednesday it will hardly be perceived and on Thursday the entrance of a front that will clean the environment.

In Canada they have burned more than 7 million hectares. Of the 113 active fires in Quebec, 29 are out of control and the flames have forced the evacuation of thousands of residents of the province, including the 3,000 inhabitants of the indigenous Cree community of Mistissini.

From east to west, Canada is under the scourge of an unprecedented wildfire season and its peak, which usually comes in July or August, has not even arrived yet, reports Afp.

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