Smouha faces the Egyptian revolt in Suez


Al-Masri will host its sixth game at the Swiss Army Stadium on Saturday in the 26th round of the general competition in a difficult game for the two teams, which the Port Said team entered with the victory of the last victory over the avant-garde with unanswered goal, while Smouha fell into the trap of defeating Ismaili without an answer.

Egypt is fifth in the standings with 38 points after having played 24 games, 9 victories, 11 victories, 4 games, 30 goals, 26 goals and a postponed match, while Smouha is 14th with 25 points after 24 games. He won 4, beat 13, lost 7 games, scored 20 goals and conceded 28 goals and still has a game in hand.

Ehab Galal, the technical director of Egypt, has invited his players to continue the train of good results to enter the gold box, stressing that he does not believe that there are any special considerations for Smouha's position, which is the first confrontation between Al-Portsaidi and his former manager Hossam Hassan. Identity of the opposing team

Al-Masri added that the three points are the only goal he seeks to achieve in the next phase of the league, and Ismaili will become clear in the next five weeks.

While Musamha's technical director Husam Hassan is looking for his first victory with Alexandrian's team, asking his players to close the loss page from Ismaili and focus on not taking defensive mistakes again in search of the three points.



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