SNCB is reducing its offer and eliminating a dozen trains: too many Covid cases among its staff

Be careful if you take the train, from this Monday, the SNCB has decided to reduce its train offer. “SNCB has decided to eliminate ten or so P trains, these are trains that run in rush hour, from and to Brussels “, specifies Marianne Hiernaux, spokesperson for the company.

Why? “Like all companies, the SNCB is faced with cases of illness and quarantine among its staff. We have therefore decided to avoid unforeseen cancellations which are unpleasant for the traveler who arrives at the station and who has not his train, to plan and anticipate that by eliminating a dozen trains in advance “, explains the spokesperson.

“To limit the consequences for our passengers, we have already taken a series of measures, but we now observe that these unpredictable absences of the staff assigned to the train service induce the random elimination of several trains on a daily basis.“, explains the company. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises for travelers, the SNCB therefore preferred to adapt its offer, as the spokesperson explains, and to set up a structured program for removing trains.

Which trains are affected? 11 trains which are affected by these deletions. These are P trains: trains that run during rush hour, which therefore allows travelers to have other alternatives because the supply is greater during rush hour. These are trains which go to Brussels or which go to Brussels and which are spread over the entire network in Flanders and Wallonia “, she explains to our microphone.

Until when will they be deleted? “They will remain deleted until the situation allows us to circulate them again”, appointments Marianne Hiernaux.

It is therefore difficult to say when the supply of trains will return to normal. In the meantime, SNCB is redirecting its customers to its mobile application as well as his trip planner for more information.

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