Snoop Dogg’s company invests in Portuguese medical cannabis producer – Economy

Of the several companies that decided to invest in the Portuguese medical cannabis producer AceCann, the one that stands out is Casa Verde Capital, founded in co-partnership by the American rapper Snoop Dogg, writes the Business.

In addition to this venture capital company, the Portuguese company Lince Capital, the co-founders of Advanced Grow Labs (US cannabis producer) and investor Sebastian de la Rosa, from Whistler Medical Marijuana (from Canada), among others, invested a total of 15 million dollars (approximately 13 million euros) in the national producer.

Focused on the cultivation, processing and extraction of cannabis, as well as research into its medicinal properties, AceCann said in a statement that this investment will be used in the development of a production center in Vendas Novas, whose construction began in September.

Cited by Neg√≥cios, the company explains that its production will be carried out using “smaller, scalable and “indoor” cultivation methods, and this production center will “precisely manage the temperature, humidity and other variables” of the plants.

AceCann was founded in 2019 and received a pre-license for cultivation, import and export from Infarmed, which regulates the sector in Portugal, in June last year.

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