So find the secret room of The Division 2 Beta loot


One of the main missions of The Division 2 Beta hides a secret room for loot. We'll tell you how to find this secret.

What happened? Players have discovered a secret room in the first Private Beta mission. They happily share their discovery and speculate in the Subtitle of the Division about possible further secrets in the game.

The secret room can be found in the first of the two main "Hotel Grand Washington" missions. In this mission, you must free the civilian Eleanor Sawyer from the clutches of the hyenas. When you find the key and where you enter the secret room, the user of reddit explained by reading.

Secret room at the Hotel Grand Washington

Here's how you find the key: First, enter the building through a garage and enter a room that looks suspiciously like a methamphetamine lab.

At the beginning you have to stand up against a group of enemies. You have clean, keep right and look for an open door. In the hallway behind you you find a corpse, leaning against a laundry cart.

It will not immediately appear as a lootbar, you must go directly to them and move until the "corpse search" message appears.

Once you do, you will find a Suite 3 key. Suite 3 is not so easy to find because there are several rooms with this number in the level. So you have to look carefully.

The door to Suite 3 is then in the corridor, just before entering the hotel's roof. Here is a screenshot of the right door, in the background you can see the elevator up to the roof:

Tom Clancy & # 39; s The Division® 2 Beta_20190210143729

What is the reward? In the room there are some boxes of resources and loot. Prizes could be better with higher levels of difficulty and levels.

There are many other keys in the game, so fans have also found boxes that can be opened with the faction keys. They are hidden everywhere in the game world and reward you with loot.

Players find it nice and disconcerting: Players now discuss and speculate happily on others of these secrets in other history missions.

the 2 street division

Some have already reported other rooms that may have been opened with these keys. The developer Massive has apparently incorporated these elements into the game world. However, there are no funny details. An audio register was then found, which is a clear allusion to the current discussion of US President Donald Trump and the Mexico Wall.

Even for veterans, there are fun discoveries to make, such as gloves that show how many car doors have been closed. The "Hotel Grand Washington" mission shows you can also meet such details in the missions.

Not only for this it is worth playing the beta missions: Once the second "Jefferson Trade Center" mission is completed, you will be unlocked a part of the final game where you can test the 3 specializations. In our summary, we explain how it works.

The Division 2 private beta will last until February 11th. We will keep you updated on our live ticker.


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