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“So it makes no sense” / Formula 1 SPEEDWEEK.COM

Although it is only a simulated Formula 1 race, ultimately a game, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and Spain GP winner George Russell are passionate about the penalties imposed.

Mercedes pupil George Russell was certain: the victory is flute. The Williams driver had received a three-second penalty in the simulation of the Spanish Grand Prix, the Englishman had shortened the racing line somewhat in his favor. Russell tried to drive his adversary Charles Leclerc away to neutralize these three seconds, but Monegasse was like a burdock on the leader – until Charles was given a three-second penalty!

So the race was decided shortly before the end of the 33 laps, but now the discussions started. Even if it is only a simulated race, ultimately a computer game, the drivers are there with body and soul. When the races are over, there is passionate discussion.

The spectators of the Sim races noticed that the fast men don’t take it too seriously with the limits of the slopes. At the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, abrupt cuts were made, especially in the chicane before the start and finish.

After the race, two-time GP winner Leclerc congratulated: “Basically, George was the faster man today, so the right man won.” But 22-year-old Monegasse is dissatisfied with how the 2019 Formula 1 game interprets adherence to the slopes. “It makes no sense,” complains Leclerc, who won last summer in Spa-Francorchamps and Monza. «Here we should have to drive under the‘ strict ’attitude. Then it would be clearer for all pilots what they can do. »

«We should clarify this urgently. Because with today’s setting it is simply unclear how far you can explore the gray area. In the race I tried to explore what is allowed more and more. I already had a warning, then it put a penalty. It is clear that it is always shortened – it is the quickest way. »

Leclerc actually fell victim to a trick by George Russell. Shortly before the checkered flag, the Englishman was convinced: «It looked like I couldn’t shake Charles off, so the win was probably gone. I cut short because another punishment didn’t matter to me and because I thought – maybe Charles will follow me. And that’s exactly what he did. When the news came that he was going to be punished, I almost pissed myself off with laughter. »

In real Formula 1, too, there has been controversial discussion about keeping the piste boundaries for years. On the Belgian GP weekend in 2019, the regulators of the FIA ​​car association worked intensively with electronic monitoring: measuring loops were put in the ground in Raidillon, the drivers were warned – anyone who abbreviates here will be punished.



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