Entertainment So it was the back of Maru Fernandez to...

So it was the back of Maru Fernandez to C5N

The journalist Mariela Fernandez returned to the screen C5N to lead Argentina en vivo” along with Claudio Rígoli, after nine months away from the media.


The former Blessed and TVRamong other programs, replaced Seattle Scioli, that is license, and did so on your return to the points news, where he held a number of segments for years. He had left the screen after the death of his father will trigger health problems.

“When I was discharged in August of last year, the doctors told me that did not air but was behind the camera, I was recommended to do radio and that’s why I started in the 100 in December. Today I do not have that stress”said conductive days ago in statements to the radio program ” For if the flies.

And pointed out: “At that time there was no space, now that Agos (Scioli) is on leave, the time it shuts me down, what can I do in the morning, that the same doctors they asked me not to get out of the routine.” At the beginning of the year had joined the radio program “Evening of a busy day”, which leads along with Sergio Lapegüe.


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