– So pathetic that I do not think he believed in it himself – VG

THE PRESS: It was a prime minister under heavy fire who tried to defend himself in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

The British media are ruthless and several of his own are asking him to resign. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister doubts his job. UK expert believes Boris Johnson is shameless.


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– I think he is yes. He lacks a number of filters for what the outside world thinks is right and wrong. We have seen this throughout his career, says Erik Mustad, Associate Professor of British Studies at the University of Agder, and compares the British Prime Minister with the previous President of the United States:

– It’s a bit like Donald Trump. People know that he lies and does nonsense, but they still like him.

And just that – that many like the unconventional politician with the tousled, blonde hair – can again be his salvation, explains the UK expert, who describes Boris Johnson as an “extreme voter magnet at his best”.

The popularity, combined with the lack of a clear crown prince, or crown princess, in the Conservative Party, makes Johnson feel safe.

IN PROBLEMS: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and his current wife Carrie Johnson are both said to have attended a garden party at 10 Downing Street during the country’s first closure in the spring of 2020. NOTE: This photo was taken on another occasion.

But after the latest scandal, it is still raging, according to Mustad.

– He has been described as the prime minister with nine lives, but now those lives are starting to decrease, he says, and lists one scandal after another:

The renovation of the 10 Downing Street apartment, lord titles to conservative donors (the biggest scandal of them all, according to Mustad, who calls it “extremely ugly”), the loss of a constituency The Conservatives “always” have had, party revelations last year and now last the revelation that Boris Johnson attended a garden party, where the guests were asked to bring their own alcohol, in the Prime Minister’s residence during the first shutdown in the UK.

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At the same time as the party is said to have taken place, May 20, 2020, people were only allowed to meet one person outside the household with a distance of two meters outdoors. There must have been dozens present at the garden party.

Boris Johnson has admitted that he was one of them. In Wednesday’s Question Time in the House of Commons of the British Parliament he was skinned by the opposition to have attended the party.

Watch video from the barbecue below:


He himself claimed that he was only there for 25 minutes and thought it was okay because he thought it was a job meeting to “Thank the employees for all the work they had done”.

– The explanation is so ridiculous that it is offensive to the British people, said Labor leader Keir Starmer, who has demanded Johnson’s resignation.

Erik Mustad agrees that the explanation does not hold up at all.

– It was such a pathetic excuse, so thin and weak, that I do not think he believed in it himself once.

That Johnson said that he has subsequently seen that the gathering looks bad from the outside and that he said he regretted and regretted that not everyone was sent in again, does not help much, the expert believes.

OPPOSITION LEADER: Keir Starmer is the Labor leader.

Johnson did not regret that the party was arranged, but that people perceived it as a breach of loyalty. And then he explains it with this nonsense that he thought it was a job thing instead of regretting that he was there at all, Mustad says.

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According to The Telegraph around 30 advisers and officials also gathered in Downing Street on April 16 last year – the day before the funeral of Prince Philip. However, Johnson was not present, as he was in the Prime Minister’s country house in Buckinghamshire.

Newspaper: “A complete shame”

Mustad and Starmer are far from the only ones responding. On Thursday, the Prime Minister will be reviewed in the British media. The tabloids revel in titles to hang out Johnsen:

The Daily Mirror calls him “a complete disgrace”. The Daily Record writes on its front page that he is lying and coming up with ridiculous excuses and a pathetic and not sincere apology. They call it “a robbery story.” The Star has a title that says that “rules are only for small people”. The Guardian writes in its title that the future balances on a knife edge.

And it can quickly turn out to be true. Since Johnson’s appearance in the House of Commons yesterday, several of his own party members have backed the opposition’s demand that the prime minister resign. Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross warns that he will write a letter to the so-called 1922 committee, which organizes the party’s leadership election, to express a lack of confidence in Johnson.

– He is the Prime Minister, and it was the government that introduced these rules. He must be held accountable for his actions, Ross added BBC.

Yesterday was not the first time Johnson was grilled about festivities during the corona pandemic:

If 54 Tory MPs send letters to the 1922 Committee, it will trigger demands for leadership elections.

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Although Johnson’s own government members have so far called for him, at least three others in the party have said publicly that he should resign.

– Bad at politics – good at talking

In the House of Commons yesterday, Johnson refused to comment on the demands that he must resign. He referred exclusively to an investigation that will now be carried out by a bureaucrat in the government apparatus, and said he would not comply with the requirements until it has been carried out.

– He buys some time now, but if it had been a different party leader than Boris Johnson, who had this solid election victory in 2019, he would have been out of the chair a long time ago, says Erik Mustad, who adds that the Conservatives normally « the leaders eat theirs ».

The university lecturer has low expectations that something will emerge in the investigation that is not already known, and points out that Johnson has repeatedly gotten out of scandals.

EXPERT: Erik Mustad at the University of Agder.

– He is not good at practical politics, but he is extremely good at slogans, getting people involved, talking, fooling around and diverting attention. The question now is whether his own anymore have the belief that he is an advantage for the party. The way the polls are now (Labor is far ahead of journ.anm.) And after yesterday’s session in the House of Commons, he hangs in a thinner thread than ever.

Do not think he goes voluntarily

One of the party colleagues who thinks he now has to leave, Caroline Nokes, is among those who think he is no longer an advantage for the party.

– He damages the whole conservative brand, she says to the BBC.

And it is precisely from his own Boris Johnson will possibly get the stroke of mercy. The majority in parliament is too large for the opposition to overthrow him.

– I think he will refuse to resign until he is eventually thrown. And then it will be the internal dissatisfaction in the party that traps him, Mustad states.

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