So Yoo-jin’s astonishment “Usually Koh Yu-jeong, I never thought of myself as a murderer, so it’s creepy” (Black) : Sports Dong-a

Choi Gwi-hwa and So Yu-jin are shocked when they see the video of Ko Yu-jeong’s arrest that turned the Republic of Korea upside down in the summer of 2019.

In Channel A’s ‘Black: I Saw the Devil’ (abbreviated as Black), which aired on the 2nd, the ex-husband who was divorced was murdered and the body was abandoned in various places.
According to the production team, Kwon Il-yong said, “This is an incident that is so cruel that you can think about how evil humans can become. Even though no body was found, he was sentenced to life in prison, the maximum sentence in court.” So Yu-jin said, “I got goosebumps for a few days watching the continuous reports.” Choi Gwi-hwa also said, “The incident is an incident, but the process after that was even more terrifying.”
An emergency arrest video was also released. In the video, Koh Jung-eun, even at the moment of her arrest, said, “I never did… I was hurt,” and showed a casual look, saying, “I came to take out the trash, but I have a husband above me, can I call you?”
Jang Jin said, “When we usually watch a drama or a movie, there are usually three reactions when we are arrested. They run away as soon as their name is called, sit down, or fight the police.”

Kwon Il-yong said, “This is a scene with a lot of things I want to say. ‘Almost the evidence was destroyed. “The more people think that my crime was perfect, the more they ask me in this way.” So Yoo-jin was surprised, saying, “I thought it was a detached way of accepting that I was caught.” Jang Jin also said, “I didn’t see that figure as a person who meticulously planned and prepared for that moment. There was a really great fear on his face. And ‘I was beaten’, this comment seems like a story that only needs to be told in court.” So Yu-jin also added, “I think I kept thinking about ‘I was beaten’ in my head.”

Daily photos were also released along with Koh Jung’s home environment. In the photo, Koh Jung-jeong was smiling with a good-looking face. So Yu-jin said, “I would never think of her as a murderer. She’s creepy.” She shook her head.

The broadcast was delayed by 10 minutes than usual on Wednesday, the 2nd at 11pm. Reporter Hong Se-young [email protected] More articles by the reporter

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