So you can admire the lunar eclipse of January 2019


In January 2019 we can enter directly special phenomenon of the sky wonder: the moon is due to a lunar eclipse again how Super Blutmond red from the sky. For the man, the moon has always been a charm – especially when it comes so dramatically, as we expect soon. In July 2018, the latest blood moon drew crowds of people to the streets. In Franconia, the spectacle of the sky partly caused traffic interruptions. Now we have the next super blood moon coming.

When will the Bloodmoon be seen in January 2019?

On January 21, 2019 we can cross Germany early in the morning lunar eclipse Marvel. Then the full moon darkens and the atmosphere of the earth swallows all the light, except the red rays with long waves. These rays fall on the moon and turn red.

What is exactly a blood moon?

of Blutmond As a result, the state of the moon is designated as soon as it is completely in the shadow of the earth. When the sunlight is broken from the earth's atmosphere, the red light of the celestial body reaches us, making it "bloody".

The condition for a lunar eclipse, however, is that the moon, the earth and the sun are in a very specific constellation one with respect to the other. The moon must be in the shadow of the earth, also called the "shadow of the nucleus". The earth is therefore located between the sun and the moon. Depending on how big the earth's shadow casts on the moon, you can admire a partial or total lunar eclipse on Germany and the Franconian region.

Super Bloodmoon in late January early in the morning

But if you do not want to miss the show, you have to set an alarm. Start with the darkness early in the morning at 4.10am. The total phase therefore reaches the celestial phenomenon around 5.41.

What time is the Super Blood Moon visible?

The culminating moment of the super blood moon, we can therefore marvel at around 6:12 clock – because the shadow of the earth obscured the moon to the utmost. About half an hour later – at 6.43 am the shadow disappeared.

Incidentally, the maximum duration of a total lunar eclipse is 106 minutes. On 27 July 2018, the "total lunar eclipse" lasted 103 minutes. The Bloodmoon on January 21 will take less time. The next Bloodmoon will not be back until July 16th – the next Super Bloodmoon only in 2037.

What is a super moon of blood?

We are talking about a super-moon of blood because, in addition to the blood moon, we will see another phenomenon. A super moon. Because on January 21st, the Moon is at the point of its orbit in which it is the shortest from the Earth. As a result, it is closer and higher than a normal blood moon.

To bring it to the extreme, there is also the phenomenon of a "Super Blue Blood Moon Darkness". On January 31, 2018, there was also a "blue moon" in addition to a blood and a superman. This is what is called the phenomenon when the second time in a month is full moon. dn / dpa

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