Technology So you can share your avatar on Facebook as...

So you can share your avatar on Facebook as a sticker of WhatsApp

Facebook surprised a number of its users earlier this month, the launch of the custom avatars, which quickly returned to trend in social networks.

Surely you and your friends already created yours, however, did you know that you can share them as a sticker on WhatsApp?

How to share my avatar in WhatsApp?

To have your avatar in the messaging app, you just need to open the menu of Facebook, located in the upper right corner of your app (three horizontal lines).

In the menu that appears open the option: “Avatars”.

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Act followed, will appear your avatar (in the event that you’ve created), and to the side of the in the upper part you’ll see three b’s, choose the latter in the form of a sticker.

When you select that option you’ll see various options from your avatar.


Select the one that you want to share in WhatsApp and click on “More options”.

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Then select WhatsApp from the options menu, and your sticker of avatar be sent as if image.




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