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The premiere of the "Sober Women" film series by Konstantin Bogomolov has already caused a sensation in the centuries-old Moscow: everyone is looking for real prototypes of history. Now boils St. Petersburg. corresponding "Days. Ru" I visited in the northern capital at the presentation of the most noisy project of the year.

The fact that the Leningrad Center was chosen for the St. Petersburg premiere is logical. First of all, this is the most fashionable and glamorous place in the city on the Neva, where the rich often take those women to the show. Secondly, first, for almost half a century, an elite cinema was located in this building, where, with the help of a dozen film projects, the high leaders were shown to be inaccessible to the common people. It was here that "Sovexportfilm" presented the paintings that had been scheduled for hire.

Therefore, the artistic director of the "Leningrad Center" Felix Mikhailov (viewers know him for his work on television projects "Design his duty. And even more if the film was shot by one of the leading Russian directors, whose work in the theater and in the cinema always becomes a sensation, it is adored and branded, but there are certainly not indifferent ones.

Konstantin Bogomolov arrived first with his ex-wife, Darya Moroz. As it turned out, divorce did not affect the couple's creative and human relationships. And how beautiful Bogomolov shot in the "Guardians" of the heroine's sexual scene played by Frost! We immediately see that Daria is no stranger to him.

The series also starred in Ksenia Sobchak, who stubbornly ascribes the relationship with Bogomolov. True, she came to the premiere in her secret city (but she came!). He went through the back door, sat down in the far bed and generally didn't give his presence. Today many people write that socialite and the leader disagree with Maxim Vitorgan, so his desire to hide from gossip and prying eyes is quite explicable.

The same Bogomolov this evening spoke exclusively of the creative component of communication with Sobchak, and not of his break with her husband and, above all, of the famous struggle. "She is a wonderful actress – organic, natural and light" – assured the correspondent's director "Days. Ru".

As for the "Sober Woman", the low-profile public in St. Petersburg was interested in looking at the ways of the drunk, rich and slutty fly. Luckily, the film was shot in real apartments, buildings and restaurants. In it, the vices of the high society are subtly shown, with humor, fascinating. And because of that, sins seem sweeter …


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