Sobchak in a bikini on February 23 made men sober up

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak congratulated all men in Russia on Defender of the Fatherland Day. She did it in her favorite manner, posting a beach photo in a bikini and with a paddle in her hands. “Well, what are the defenders? Happy Holidays! I wish you to defend, not defend against the “woman with an oar,” Sobchak wrote.

The delighted men became interested in the figure of Sobchak. “You don’t have a figurine, it turns out,” “Thank you, Ksenia! Paddle! I saw, immediately sobered up ”,“ And I think – why is Bogomolov so meek? ”,“ Well, you generally fire ”,“ I myself protect my husband from those who want to wander his oar into another boat. We have a lot of pikes, ”commentators write.

Photo: Social networks

It should be noted that in January Ksenia had a good rest. She visited with her husband Konstantin Bogomolov in the UAE, and then “waved” to the Maldives with her son Plato. After that, she returned to Moscow, again starting to embody her journalistic ventures.


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