"Social Media Summit": Trump receives right-wing Internet trolls and praises their campaigns


ein a radio host broadcasting conspiracy theories and roaring into the microphone, "Trump was sent by God." An Internet troll that creates images and videos that democrats Democratic politicians. The founder of a group that sends xenophobic messages on the net.

These are some of the guests that US President Donald Trump received on Thursday at an obscure date at the White House: a "social media summit," as he called it, a social media summit.

A White House statement said Trump was meeting with digital industry figures to discuss the "opportunities and challenges" of the Internet. The upsetting thing is that the companies that are normally associated with social media were not invited by the president. Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? All excluded.

If you look at who was on the guest list instead, it quickly becomes clear what the event really was: a summit of right-wing trolls. A gathering of people who spend a lot of time spreading, provoking and defaming hatred.

And they were all allowed to sue together with the president about the alleged censorship of conservative votes on Twitter and Co. Trump railed against the "corrupt establishment", hypocritical media and accused Internet companies such as Twitter and Facebook to suppress conservative opinions.

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Against "hatred and violence"

Why is Trump doing something like that? Why does he make the White House a meeting place for conspiracy theorists and ennoble the Hetzer with a pompous reception? In a speech before the beginning of the summit, the president gave some hints. He complained that he was "totally unfair" treated by the major newspapers and TV stations in his country. Only bad things are reported.

"If I make a spelling mistake on Twitter, that's a big story," the President continued. To add, he is very good at spelling. "But the fingers are not as good as the brain."

Internet companies are being summoned to the White House

The Conservative vote is "louder than any other, but we're not being treated fairly," the president complained, indirectly accusing Twitter of pushing down the number of followers and likes for his tweets. In response, Trump hinted at social networking: "We will not let her get away with it."

In concrete terms, the president announced that in the coming weeks, representatives of Internet companies would be summoned to the White House to talk to them about the topic.

Incidentally, the president, who is so angry about censorship and a restriction on freedom of speech, has even blocked critical followers on Twitter – until courts declared this inadmissible. The Internet companies themselves have always rejected Trump's allegations. The US president has nearly 62 million followers on Twitter.

Among the guests at the summit in the White House was, for example, the radio journalist Bill Mitchell, who often spread the sinister theories of the group QAnon. According to the US media are controlled by spies of the CIA. The Democrats support terrorists and make money with child pornography. And John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his death in 1999 and is now fighting side by side with Trump against the destruction of America by the left. Mitchell seemed to be proud of the invitation. "Sit five meters from the president", he wrote while the summit on Twitter.

Another participant was Carpe Donktum – an anonymous Kansas man whose pseudonym became known nationwide after producing fake videos of Joe Biden, the potential Democratic presidential candidate for next year's presidential election.

Also Charlie Kirk was there, the founder of an organization that incites against immigrants and Muslims, like with manipulated statistics. Loaded was also the young and conservative as well as in the US, among other things by Youtube appearances prominent abortion opponent Purple Rose, who was allowed to give a small speech to Trump,

And then Trump does what he always does

Trump seemed visibly happy in the circle of these guests. He spoke calmly and smiled now and then. And he again brought to a sweeping strike against his political opponents. The Democrats, he said, wanted to turn America into a "communist state." In addition, they worked to get "the worst criminals" into the country.

The president defended his trade war and said China is robbing the US. And he scolded again for the US Federal Reserve, because the US economy is supposedly over-paying interest.

All these tirades would not be new. But Trump took advantage of the appointment to once again bring it to the people. And so you have to see his Social Media Summit mainly as a campaign event. As a prelude to a campaign in which conspiracy theorists and trolls should play an important role.

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