Socialist Left supports a government chaired by Sánchez and asks for some form of amnesty

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The Federal Permanent Commission of the Socialist Left PSOE has expressed tonight through a statement its support for the configuration of a government in Spain chaired by Pedro Sánchez and requests that work “on political and legislative solutions, including some form of amnesty” to resolve “a conflict that is still alive” in Catalonia.

In its statement, Izquierda Socialista requests that “both the alliances to be established to form a Government of Progress and the possible political/legislative solutions for the events that occurred in Catalonia, should be consulted by the leadership of the PSOE, quickly and informedly, to the socialist militancy”.

For this current of opinion within the PSOE, “the Catalan question, which comes from afar, today requires new approaches to continue living together peacefully and stably. New policies that do not involve repression, but rather dialogue, negotiation, and the agreement between the parties. The necessary recognition of the national identity of Catalonia, the federal reform of the constitution and that of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia itself, can allow a vote of the Catalan people to deepen their self-government”.

“Now,” the note continues, “it is necessary to work on political and legislative solutions, including some form of amnesty, that they manage to advance in the solution of a conflict that is still alive, as well as reestablish fraternity and collaboration between the different peoples of the “nation of nations” that is Spain.

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