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  Original title: Softball synthesis: softball “returns” the host wins the first game

The baseball and softball event, which returned to the Olympic family for the first time in 13 years, kicked off on the 21st, taking the lead in the first round of the Tokyo Olympic softball round-robin tournament that started at the Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium. The defending champion and host Japan team beat Australia 8:1 and won a good start.

The Australian team scored 1 point at the start, and then Naito Miho hit the first home run in the third inning. The Japanese team rewritten the score to 3-1. Since then, the Japanese team has become more and more courageous, hitting two homers again, and ending the game with a 7-point lead in the fifth inning.

In the subsequent game, the strong American team faced Italy. Veteran pitcher Ka Osterman, who helped the team win the gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics and the silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, completed 9 strikeouts in the first six innings, securing a 2-0 victory for the US team. In another game that day, the Mexican team, which was shortlisted for the Olympics for the first time, lost to the Canadian team 0:4.

This is the first time softball has returned to the Olympic arena in 13 years since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, women’s softball was listed as an official Olympic event for the first time. After the four Olympics were held, they left the Olympic arena in 2012 and 2016. However, softball has decided not to participate in the next Olympic medal event, and this time it will return to the game or only for a short time.

A total of 6 teams participated in the softball event of the Olympic Games. The single round-robin system was adopted, with the top two teams competing for the championship. The first two rounds will be held at the Fukushima Agatsuma Baseball Stadium, and the remaining matches will be held at the Yokohama Baseball Stadium in southern Tokyo. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, all softball games will be played in an “empty field” without spectators.

On the 22nd, there will be three games in the second round of softball. The United States will play against Canada, Japan will play against Mexico, and Australia will play against Italy. (Reporter Lu Rui)


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