Software-update: Everything – Computer – Downloads

Years ago I didn’t use it for a long time, until suddenly I did again, and then you just don’t understand that you’ve done without it all this time!

Some possibilities:
– Sort by date modified and see the last modified files, useful for the latest log files, the file that has just been downloaded ‘somewhere’
– Sort by size and see if you can clean up some space
– Instant code search in Everything 1.5 (1.5x has been in ‘alpha’ for 2 years, though it’s just fine)
– If you still want to search the content of current results that are NOT indexed, use e.g. utf8content:searchterm

Have a look at how and what you all search for (by size, type, date, regex):

Recommend turning on Search > Match path to be able to search on parts of the path, I use it very often.

I also recommend adding a keyboard shortcut to it, here CTRL + SHIFT + S:
General > Keyboard > New windows Hotkey

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