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Weyhe – The fact that the postman Rüdiger Weber wanted to save two dogs in a trunk from heat stroke and has now received a lawsuit for damages triggers great outrage on social networks. The postman from Stuhr has already received numerous donation offers on Facebook so that he does not have to bear any court costs alone.

Weber is supposed to pay 327.77 euros plus interest and 96.28 euros in costs for the lawyer on the other side, because he smashed a small car window for the dog rescue (we reported). The owner of the animals threatened him with legal consequences on site. Weber hadn’t believed that she would make that happen.

By Thursday, 92 Facebook users had responded to the case. “If he is actually sentenced to a fine, I’ll be happy to add something. Please report “, reads a comment. “He’s getting my donation! It is time that animals are no longer considered a thing in our country, ”emphasizes one user. Meanwhile, another asks: “Is there already a donation account or a donation campaign?”

That doesn’t exist yet. However, Rüdiger Weber is “overwhelmed by so much encouragement” and announces further information. In any case, if the money is not needed for the legal dispute, he would like to support the Brinkum animal shelter – or repay the donations if requested.

Meanwhile, others hope for a “really just decision” by the court or support the defendant because they welcome his actions: “For me, nothing else than breaking a small baby out of a heated car through a window – that is, emergency aid in case of danger in arrears “, read a Facebook comment. Legal advice is also given in the virtual discussion and examples are given for the correct handling of animals in the heat. sdl

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