Solskjaer predicts Ronaldo’s career… What did he say?

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has said that Cristiano Ronaldo can play until the age of 40.

Ronaldo, 36, has scored 4 goals in 3 matches since his return to Old Trafford, and the Portuguese football legend is still in an enviable physical condition.

Ryan Giggs, his former team-mate at Manchester United, became famous for playing on his 40th birthday, and Solskjaer expects to see Ronaldo do the same.

In response to a question about how long Ronaldo could spend on the field, Solskjaer said: “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is still playing when he reaches the age of forty, because of the way he takes care of himself.”

“This is the key, and of course some genes. There must be some genes as well and some DNA,” added Solskjaer, who partnered with Ronaldo at Manchester United years ago.

And he continued his talk about Ronaldo: “He made every possible amount of energy and effort to become the player he was and still is, so he deserves all the praise he receives for his physical condition.”

“The most impressive thing is that when he has achieved everything he has achieved, he is still hungry (for achievements), his mentality is still completely craving and this is a desire from within to keep working until his head says: No, I have given everything now.”

Solskjaer likened Ronaldo to former British sprinter Linford Christie, who won an Olympic medal in the 100m in 1992 when he was 32.

“I hope it lasts a few more years,” he said. “Christy was big when he won the gold medal as well, so age is never an issue.”

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“He’s still one of the fastest players in the league and I’m still happy with his physical condition, but of course there may be more intensity than in the Italian and Spanish leagues, so we’ll have to manage his workload,” the Norwegian coach added.


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