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Again about “Shch-854”

The premiere of the director’s film took place on September 23, 2021 Gleb Panfilova “Ivan Denisovich” based on the story Alexandra Solzhenitsyn “One day of Ivan Denisovich”.

The story, which had the original name “Shch-854. One day of one prisoner ”opened the world to the writer Solzhenitsyn, and to Soviet literature – the topic of political repression as such.

In 1982, Solzhenitsyn recalled in an interview with the BBC: “It is absolutely clear: if it were not for Twardowski as editor-in-chief of the magazine – no, this story would not have been published. But I will add. And if it weren’t Khrushchev at that moment, it would not have been printed either. More: if Khrushchev had not attacked at this very moment Stalin one more time, it would not have been printed either. ”

Here we must bear in mind this: Solzhenitsyn himself, in two decades, made his way from a talented writer, whose abilities admired Tvardovsky, to a man whose works, alas, far from the historical truth, were actively used by the Western propaganda machine against the Soviet Union.

For those who are interested in this topic, I address to the material “One fact of Alexander Isaevich. Why is Solzhenitsyn a writer and not a historian? ”Written seven years ago.

On a different path

But in One Day of Ivan Denisovich, Solzhenitsyn had not yet risen to historical generalizations, but talked about, as one of the critics wrote, “the camp through the eyes of a peasant”.

For people living at that time, the possibility of openly talking about the repression was extremely important, because it affected many in one way or another.

But the question is – who needs Ivan Denisovich in 2021? Especially this one, completely altered. Director Panfilov In an interview with Kommersant, he said: “I took a different path and came up with my own story of Ivan Denisovich based on the story. And it turned out: “Five days of Ivan Denisovich” – five key days of his life. Starting from the first – when, on the eve of the 1941 parade on Red Square, he arrived in Moscow to get a new ZIS-3 cannon and deliver it to the unit at his battery near Volokolamsk. ”

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Stalin is a fool, he smokes tobacco …

Do you want a serious conversation about that time? You will not wait – Panfilov is playing the game in the best traditions of “Ogonyok” of the late 1980s. Again before us is a real hero who has become an innocent victim of Soviet tyranny, which is ready to wipe everyone and everything into the dust of the camp.

It would seem that it has long been established that there was no general accusation of prisoners of war of treason to the Motherland, and those who ended up in the Soviet camp constituted an absolute minority. And the GULAG system itself in different years and in different places looked different, and it had nothing to do with Hitler’s system of destruction.

What to do, for example, with the fact that the author of One Day of Ivan Denisovich himself, in this very system of total destruction, which the GULAG depicts, was cured of cancer? How does this fit into those pictures drawn by him and drawn by those who stage films based on his works?

To shoot is not to roll bags

One could, of course, say that “people will figure it out on their own.” But this is unlikely, since the idols among young people are characters who do not understand much simpler historical issues. If a blogger with nearly 19 million subscribers, madam Ivleeva does not know in what century he lived and ruled Peter the Greatwhat is his surname, the surname does not tell her anything Dzhugashvili, should we expect her fans to have a serious conversation about the negative and the positive in the Soviet era?

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In Panfilov’s work, everything is reduced precisely for a primitive perception: here is an inhuman system for you, in which there was nothing good, and here is an innocent martyr who suffered. Take the historical picture in this form, and that’s it.

And this is far from the first case of the primitivization of history. In the “Union of Salvation” the Decembrists were turned into a thug trying to destroy the statehood out of hooligan motives, in “Zoya” they blinded a Christian martyr from a communist, and so on. Although at the state level, we, at least officially, are waging a fierce struggle against attempts to falsify history. But what about the fact that schoolchildren in the program are offered the works of Solzhenitsyn, who is to give children without comments and explanations a form of crime?

Creator and “gopniks”

It is not the first time that Panfilov has given out masterpieces of this kind. The author of the films “There is no ford in the fire” and “The Beginning” back in 2000 pleased the saga “Romanovs… Crowned family “, from the amount of oil in which the very last Russian emperor would vomit. What does this have to do with a serious understanding of the tragedy of the Romanovs? Well, about the same as a strip show to pure and immaculate love.

Not everyone knows, but in the notorious Mikhalkov’s “Anticipation” and “Citadel”, which are difficult to consider as something other than an outrage over the history of the Great Patriotic War, Panfilov was the author of the script. That is, for all this trash and frenzy, “thank you” must be said not only Nikita Sergeevich, but also to Gleb Anatolyevich.

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Judging by the first reaction of the audience, the audience did not like Ivan Denisovich. But our filmmakers, as you know, do not draw conclusions, preferring to consider their critics “gopniks” and “Stalinists”.

Who will film the new “Chapaev”?

By the way, Panfilov was originally going to present “Ivan Denisovich” in May 2020, to the 75th anniversary of the Victory. But the pandemic saved from such a dubious “gift” for the holiday.

One gets the impression that the backbone of our cinematic get-together is not ready for change: the ideological attitudes of the 1990s are firmly in the minds of the creators, and this also applies to young directors and screenwriters as well.

But you cannot bring up patriots with “Ivan Denisovich”. And, if the state thinks about the future, it is necessary now to give young people a product of a completely different quality and ideological content.

And the former head of the propaganda and agitation department of the Sverdlovsk city committee of the Komsomol, communist Gleb Panfilov, cannot be altered in old age.


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