“Some corporations do not disclose anything”

Daniel Schmid

The SAP sustainability chief observes a general rethink in the economy.

(Photo: SAP)

Dusseldorf The global company from Walldorf has been operating its buildings and data centers with green electricity for five years. SAPSustainability chief Daniel Schmid also observes a general rethink in the economy.

Mr. Schmid, have the tech companies really discovered their green conscience? Or is everything just more appearance than being?
The economy is much further ahead when it comes to climate protection than it was a few years ago. It goes away from the debate “profit or sustainability?”. Efficiency and environmental protection have to go hand in hand, and that works. Business and environmental strategy can and must be thought together.

What can you do about the data center’s power hunger?
The energy consumption of data centers is closely related to the load on the servers and computers. But of course also with efficient operational management and technical innovations, for example in building technology.

So green electricity is not the only thing a tech company can do to improve its carbon footprint?
No, the energy efficiency of data centers can also be improved by various measures. For example, virtualized servers and efficient cooling air management reduce energy consumption. An important key figure is the so-called PUE value (Power Usage Effectiveness). It shows how much energy is required for building management in comparison to the energy that pure computer operation needs. Improving this value and energy efficiency measures can help to further improve the energy balance.

Amazon. Google. Microsoft and Co. are making more and more green electricity deals to improve their balance sheet. Where does SAP get its energy from?
SAP takes its ecological responsibility very seriously and wants to operate in a climate-neutral manner by 2025. This ambitious goal can only be achieved if SAP continuously improves its own energy performance. SAP already produces a small proportion of the electricity used through its own solar systems at SAP locations such as Palo Alto, Bangalore or Markdorf. By investing in high-quality certificates for renewable energies, we already manage to operate all data centers and buildings with 100 percent green electricity. This enables SAP customers to reduce their own energy footprint by using our green cloud.

Should the big tech companies do more? Or do you also see consumers as a duty?
There are still some corporations that do not even disclose their CO2 emissions, let alone set their own climate targets. That is why we welcome all environmental measures and activities of the groups and encourage everyone to set ambitious environmental goals and to implement them. Of course, this also applies to consumers who also play an important part in improving global environmental challenges.

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