Some migrants on the Belarusian border could be linked to terrorists / Article

The situation on Poland’s border with Belarus is very tense, and a tenth of migrants trying to enter Poland illegally could be linked to terrorists. This was announced by the Minister of the Interior of Poland Marjusz Kaminski.

Since the beginning of August, 8,200 people have been banned from crossing the border with Belarus, but 1,200 illegal immigrants who have crossed the border have been detained. Many of the migrants in detention are undocumented or illegally retained.

A spokesman for the minister revealed that about a tenth of the hundreds of illegal immigrants screened may be linked to terrorist groups or organized crime, a quarter may be involved in illegal activities, and 20% are linked to Russia.

The Minister said that there was a very serious situation at the border. Belarusian officials have provoked provocations and massive attempts to cross the border.

Kaminskis emphasized that in this case we could not talk about the refugee movement. This is large-scale illegal migration by people who have been legally resident in Belarus at the invitation of the country’s regime.

The Minister points out that the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is using these people as a political weapon. Polish Defense Minister Marjush Blaschak, meanwhile, revealed that Belarusian officials were provoking Polish soldiers. 2,500 soldiers have been sent to help the border guards.


In the summer of 2021 the number of migrants increased significantly, which is trying to enter the territory of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland from Belarus. Most migrants have come from Iraq.

Lithuanian officials pointed out that the Belarusian authorities deliberately does not constitute an obstacle to the crossing of the borderto punish Lithuania for supporting the Belarusian opposition and imposing sanctions on the Alexander Lukashenko regime. The Baltic states describe such actions as the spread of a hybrid war against the European Union. President of the European Parliament pointed out that the EU must help solve the situation with migrants, the problem is also topical in Latvia.

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