Some monoliths of the battle of the Ebro seem to be destroyed


Part of the historical heritage of the Battle of Ebro and the Civil War in Terra Alta has undergone vandalism. The monoliths of the fourth pro-Franco division of Navarra in Fatarella, the Third Cross and the monument to the Republican victims in Quatre Camins de Vilalba dels Arcs and the monolì of Terç in Punta Targa di Corbera d'Ebre appeared destroyed. The historical memory entities denounced the networks that destroyed it from an extraordinary historical heritage and rejected the signs of "hatred and ignorance" that represent these vandal attacks against commemorative elements to the victims of both sides. The destroyed monuments are listed as cultural assets of local interest (Becil

The Mossos d'Esquadra are investigating the facts but at the moment there is no one detained or investigated. Neither the municipal councils concerned have yet filed a complaint, even if the destroyed monuments are listed in the cities as cultural assets of local interest (Becil).

One of the damaged monuments is the monument to the 4th pro-Franco division of Navarre, charged with strengthening the Francoist part against republican resistance in the battle of Ebro. He was in charge of advancing and conquering Fatarella on November 14, 1938, two days before the end of the battle of Ebro.

As for the historical space of Quatre Camins de Vilalba dels Arcs, it was a battlefield during the conflict. The Confraternity of Survivors of the Third of Our Lady of Montserrat built the monument in the '60s as a sign of "reconciliation, forgiveness and peace", as the company of historical memory Terra Enla explains. It consisted of a cross of requests in memory of the Franks who died there and also had a memorial for the Republicans who had fallen into the battlefield, which was also affected by acts of vandalism.

Also Terre de Punta Targa de Corbera d 'Ebre is the 481 share where they resisted the 60th division and a battalion of the 3rd Republican division against the assault of the Third of Montserrat on August 19, 1938.


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