Some things to keep in mind to prevent heart disease

First Published Jan 3, 2023, 4:40 PM IST

Cardiovascular problems are the major cause of concern today. The number of deaths due to heart disease is rising at an alarming rate. While many factors play a role in improving heart health, changing one’s diet to a healthier one may be one of the best solutions.

According to the European Society of Cardiology, heart disease can be prevented through a healthy diet. ‘Unhealthy diet, high blood pressure and high serum cholesterol are the three main contributors to deaths from heart attack and angina. This is what our analysis shows…’ – researcher at Central South University, Changsha, China. Xiniao Liu said.

The research looked at data from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017, which was conducted in 195 countries between 1990 and 2017. In 2017, 126.5 million people had ischemic heart disease, which caused 8.9 million deaths…’ – Dr. Liu said.

Although progress has been made in preventing heart disease and improving survival, the number of people affected continues to rise due to population growth and aging, particularly in developed countries.

The researchers found that 69.2% of ischemic heart disease deaths worldwide could be prevented if all other risk factors remained unchanged.

Some things to keep in mind to prevent heart diseases…

Reduce your intake of processed foods…

Reducing your intake of processed foods can help maintain a healthy heart. Processed foods have added salt and sugar. And preservatives, all of which are bad for the heart and overall health.

Avoid trans and saturated fats…

Trans and saturated fat are unhealthy fats that contribute to bad cholesterol. Fried foods, sweet desserts, processed cheese, and butter contain these fats. They should be avoided. On the other hand, unsaturated fats provide heart-healthy fats.

Eat fruits and vegetables…

It is best to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables that have high nutritional value. You should eat 200 to 300 grams of fruit and 290 to 430 grams of vegetables daily.

Include Omega 3 Fatty Acids…

Omega 3 are good fats that should be part of the daily diet. Heart-healthy fats are found in good amounts in fish and nuts. Remember to eat these foods in moderation. Eat 16 to 25 grams of nuts a day.

Include grains…

Include whole grains in your diet for fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and other nutrients needed for healthy body and heart function.. Choose healthy, unprocessed grains, such as whole wheat. Eat 100 to 150 grams of whole grains each day.

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