Someone completely remade Resident Evil 4’s opening scene in LEGO

Many of you may have experienced the opening part of Resident Evil 4 again, thanks to the currently available Chainsaw Demo, which gives players a look at the opening 20 minutes of the upcoming remake. But if you haven’t checked it out, why not experience the opening section in a different way?

Because animator Cara Aleatorio completely recreated the beginning of Resident Evil 4 in Lego, in which we see Leon and two Spanish policemen driving into the wilderness, all in the Before the encounter with the hunter in the hut, before Leon guns down a group of Ganados in the village. The best part is that the animations are all done from the game’s third-person perspective, which is really impressive to watch.

What do you think of this entertainment, you’ll be playing Resident Evil 4 when it debuts on March 24th?

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