"Something different": Kaufland sells crooked vegetables


Kaufland includes fruits and vegetables with optical defects in the assortment of some stores. If the campaign starts with customers, the less perfect foods should be offered nationally in the future.

Carrots crooked, apples with excesses or too small potatoes – these products usually do not have the possibility to disembark at the supermarket. Al Kaufland, but already: the supermarket chain now also sells fruit, vegetables and potatoes with minor defects. Under the title "The Something Different", the supermarket will offer fruit and vegetables selected from January 14th. They should be significantly cheaper than the visually perfect alternative. The retailer wants to fight in this way against the destruction of food.

The crooked vegetables have an optically perfect taste

Even a stone in the ground of the field can guarantee that a carrot has a different form than usual, according to a press release from the company. The intrinsic values ​​of "something different" are identical to products without optical defects. "We show that unusual shapes have no effect on healthy foods and full flavor," says Markus Mutz, Purchasing Fruits and Vegetables Kaufland.

In a three-month trial, apples, carrots and potatoes will be sold in over 240 stores in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and the Saarland, as well as in Southern Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. If the offer is well received by the customers, in the future the fruit and the crooked vegetables should be available throughout Germany. The range is then integrated with other regional fruits and vegetables.

Other supermarkets have already had similar promotions

The offer is not new: up until the beginning of January, Rewe and Penny sold apples, carrots, onions and potatoes with optical defects. In this way, companies wanted to support producers whose supply was limited due to the heat of 2018. Edeka, Aldi and Netto also had or did not have sufficiently perfect vegetables.



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