“Something has to change” with the track limits

At the end of the race, while Sergio perez ended up stopping at the pit to change tires and that Valtteri Bottas had taken advantage of the gap with the Mexican to do the same and go grab the fastest lap, Red Bull offered to Max Verstappen the opportunity to glean this extra point in the context of a for the moment close fight between Lewis Hamilton and him.

The Dutchman, wearing soft tires, set a time that should have allowed him to take the fastest lap and seize this unit, however he did so by exceeding the track limits at turn 14. Gold , as foreseen by the regulations and indicated in the Notes of the Clerk of the Course, this situation must lead to a cancellation of the signed time, which was quickly the case here, returning the unit to Bottas’ hands.

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If Verstappen did not appreciate hearing the news live during the pre-podium interview, wrongly explaining that the limits were not controlled there, Helmut Marko did not really taste it either. . The Austrian leader does not fail to recall that his driver has already paid a heavy price in the field in 2021 since his overtaking for first place in Bahrain was deemed illegal because it ended off track and his first time in Q3 at Portimão, which would have been enough for pole, was canceled.

“Now we have lost the victory, the fastest lap and the pole position”, said Marko on Sky Sports Germany after the race in reference to these different cases. “Never two without three. I hope this is the end of it all.”

“Something has to change. Either you make a limit with vibrators, or with gravel or something. If you go out there is an automatic penalty. [Lando] Norris has passed [Sergio] Pérez, he got out with his four wheels, and there were no consequences. So it’s not consistent, and it’s not racing when you juggle the rules like that. “

In the case of Norris, in reality, the Briton went off the exit of Turn 4 and then passed Pérez at the hairpin, in two separate actions. Still, the Mexican shares Marko’s opinion on this example: “I looked at my mirrors and thought Lando was totally out of bounds of the track.”

“Therefore, I didn’t fiercely defend the position, thinking he was going to give me back, but I probably misjudged. It took me a few laps to get past Lando and that created the gap with the leaders, so I was pretty much out of the race by then. “

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