Something is happening on Jupiter. The storm in the giant red spot is constantly accelerating

“When I first saw the results, I thought – does this make sense? No one has seen anything like it yet, “says planetary scientist Michael Wong of the University of California in his report.

He and his colleague Amy Simon analyzed the data collected by the Hubble Space Telescope over the past decade and presented the conclusions this month.

It turned out that between 2009 and 2020, the rotation of the outer edge of Jupiter’s mysterious, unrelenting atmospheric storm accelerated by eight percent.

It reaches speeds of up to 650 kilometers per hour. On the contrary, the inner side of the storm is calming down, according to a published press release of American astronomers.

People have been watching the big red spot on Jupiter since they saw it. So harder for about 150 years.

However, they have only been able to monitor the movement of the storm since 2009, when the Hubble Space Telescope focused its attention on the spot. It turned out that the storm would accelerate by about 2.5 kilometers per hour every year. It remains to be seen why this is the case. And how come he doesn’t stop.

“It’s hard to judge because the telescope can’t see the storm at the bottom. Anything under the mantle of clouds is difficult to see. But we have interesting data that can help us understand what drives and feeds the storm, “said Wong.

The origin, origin, physical explanation, and behavior of the Great Red Spot of Jupiter have not been elucidated to date.

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