Something unexpected happened at Rihanna’s birth.

The singer led the fans by the nose.

In the life of the singer, a long-awaited event finally happened.

Singer Rihanna finally became a mother. The baby was born on May 13, but it became known only now, writes TMZ.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky did not torment fans and revealed the gender of their child. The couple had a boy. But it was not without intrigue. So far, the celebrities have not told how the baby was named. Perhaps they are still thinking about this important issue.

Meanwhile, the news about the appearance of a son with Rihanna surprised many. After all, the singer so often appeared in public in pink clothes. The fans were sure: this is how she hints that she is expecting a daughter.

Also paparazzi more than once noticed Rihanna in children’s stores in the girls section. The singer examined the tiny dresses with such tenderness that it seemed she was choosing them for her daughter. Perhaps she simply could not get past the beautiful clothes, or even decided to confuse the fans in this way in order to make a sensation after the appearance of the boy. Like it or not – so far we can only guess.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Anna Skvortsova

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