Son at the Lavazza hub: 40 protesters out

TURIN. General Francesco Figliuolo was greeted with a chorus of protests on a visit to the Lavazza vaccination hub, where vaccinations are underway for the 12-15 age group. “Hands off our children,” shouted a group of No Vax and No Green Pass. They unrolled a banner, raised signs and declaimed the Constitution. “Personal freedom is inviolable.” There were also moments of tension with the managers of a bar, because the demonstrators had invaded the terrace. “Get out of here, we have to work,” the bartender said, attracting protests from anti-Son activists. “I’ve made a lot of sacrifices for this bar, people should have more respect for those who work,” says the bartender. The area is manned by the mobile police department, by the carabinieri. The Digos staff immediately intervened to calm the spirits, moving the protesters from the bar area.

General Figliuolo visiting the Lavazza hub is challenged: “Against? We are a free country”

Contrast at first sight the abyss that separates the silent queue in front of the Lavazza Cloud. About 200 very young people waiting for the vaccines, accompanied by their parents. All queued up with a slogans in the background. “A soldier is here to get our children vaccinated. It’s absurd ”the protesters, perched a few meters away, shouted into the megaphone. About forty protesters. Who is in line comments. “They have the right to demonstrate but they are ignorant,” says a mother. A big boy, even brings up Kennedy. “In a speech he said don’t ask yourself what the state can do for you, but what you can do for the state. We, this queue, have chosen to vaccinate ourselves. The rest is no comment ».

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The 200 very young people queued at the Lavazza hub to get vaccinated

The 200 very young people queued at the Lavazza hub to get vaccinated

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