Son of the last mayor pro-Franco di Rubí, athlete and shooter "mediocre": who is arrested for wanting to kill Sánchez?


Manuel Murillo Sánchez is imprisoned in Brians since September 21st, presumably with the intention of killing Spanish government president, Pedro Sánchez. Son of the last Rubi's mayor, Murillo was until now a renowned athlete in this town of the Vallès Occidental and partner of the shooting club "Precisión Terrassa". He said in a chat on WhatsApp that he wanted to kill Sánchez just when the government of the PSOE began the process to exhume the corpse of Franco, which is located in the Valle de los Caídos.

In fact, Murillo is the son of Manuel Murillo Iglesias, the mayor pro-Franco of Rubí who held positions from 1962 to 1977. His father received numerous recognitions and distinctions during the dictatorship, such as the Knights of the Order of the Cross Cisneros , of San Jorge, or the first-class medal for union merit, among others.

The detainee, on the other hand, was not involved in local politics, neither in Rubí nor in Terrassa, the city where he lived. In the region, he was known for his role as an ultra-fast athlete, a sport that he began to practice "through popular breeds when he was already over 30," according to his entry into the Encyclopedia. He was a member of the Athletic Union Rubí and was a 100 km champion of Spain four times (from 1993 to 1996). In fact, he has completed up to 43 races of this distance, and has also competed in international events such as two European Championships and six World Cup editions. He also received the award for the best rubenico athlete twice (in 1994 and 1996).

He then dedicated himself to being a security guard, even if only by doing occasional jobs and never with large companies. Murillo was also a member of the "Precisió Terrassa" shooting club for "eight or ten years". As the club president explained, Manuel Moreno, was a "mediocre shooter of the fourth category" and, therefore, "it is impossible to be a sniper" because he also used compressed air guns.

Moreno said he does not know how he could get the entire arsenal of weapons that Murillo kept at home and does not know what political ideology he had because the club is trying to "keep politics out of the way".

The president of the shooting club is the one who for the moment gave more details on the personality of Murillo. "He came once a week, always carried his dog and practiced in the gallery." Although he was "very talkative", Moreno said he was also a "closed person". "I did not have a relationship like the other partners, I did not have a circle of friends," he said.


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