Song Ji-hyo, sudden breakup news “I’ve been through a lot”

[OSEN=최나영 기자] Actress Song Ji-hyo is a hot topic when she announces the sudden breakup.

On the 1st, Song Ji-hyo drew attention by posting on her SNS, “Dear Bopil! You worked hard to run with us.”

In the photo released together, he has a banner hanging at the recording site of ‘Running Man’.

The banner had the name of Choi Bo-pil, the main PD of ‘Running Man’. ‘Congratulations. Running Man’s greatest star PD Choi Bo-pil out’ is written. The names of the cast of ‘Running Man’ are also listed.

Earlier, PD Choi Bo-pil told OSEN, “‘Running Man’ has become the longest-running variety show. I am proud to be in charge of such a program as an entertainment PD. It will be a more difficult broadcasting environment in the future. However, I have only been in charge of ‘Running Man’ for about two years, which is a part of ‘Running Man’ for 12 years. I wonder how hard it must have been for the seniors.”

As the news of PD Choi Bo-pil spread like this, viewers’ reactions filled with disappointment continued.

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[사진] Song Ji-hyo’s Instagram

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